Venue Retriever

Venue Retriever captures mobile phones’ device IDs at events you can target.

About Venue Retriever

Our newest and quickly becoming the most popular product is Venue Retriever.  Venue Retriever is able to geo-mark a venue such as an arena or a trade show. Once that geo-mark is drawn, Venue Retriever is able to capture the unique mobile id’s present and match them to a home IP address where targeted ads can be served. This product is the arrow you need in your quiver to target your competition. Whether you are recruiting top talent from businesses similar to yours or looking to draw market share from competitors physical locations by drawing their consumers to you, this product has you covered. The applications are endless, what can you do with Venue Retriever?


Identify Locations

Identify Locations

Convention Centers, Concerts, Sporting Events, Political Rallies, and more.


Inventory Device ID's

Inventory Device ID's

Device ID’s are inventoried when someone searches the web and receives an ad placement.


Find Household IP From Device ID

Find Household IP From Device ID

Once we have the Device ID we can identify the household IP based off of the connection history of the device.

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